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Upload episode and podcast information.

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Show listeners when your episodes are released(You need to upload episodes on the dates of release and write in a dummy headline example Episode 22, and it will show up on listeners calendars. Edit the episode information when you released the episode with new headline and information).

Be a part of a podcast community.


You can easily follow podcasts you like and keep track of them in your podcast calendar as a listener. The calender is only shown when you are logged in.

Find new podcasts in podcast library that suits your taste.

Search for #taggs of topics.

Listen to podcast teasers, with the first 3 min of episodes. 

Be directly navigated to podcast plattforms that offers the full episode.

Find new podcasts in top charts and features as 'if you like this podcasts, you might like these'.


Find suting podcasts to sponsor.

Search for podcasts that has a specific targeted group of listeners.

Search for podcasts depending on language.

Directly contact the podcast creator or the person who is responsible for the sponsorship.